Satellite v0.7 Features & Screenshots


The Satellite v0.7 Software contains the following components:

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Satellite Server

  • configuration of all Hardware- und Software Components
  • remote control (for Hauppauge Cards only)
  • background decoding of the VBI Signal (even without running a Browser)
  • very fast VBI decoder for VPS, Videotext and EPG
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  • channel-list with overview of currently running programmes
  • changes channels entries, changes sequence of channels, adds and removes channels, starts the channelscans

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  • channel setup dialog for changing the channel name, source, sound- and video-standard, video settings (brightness, contrast, etc.), audio settings (volume), teletex-homepage, etc.

Satellite TV Application

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  • watching TV in windowed and fullscreen mode
  • flexible layouts
  • configureable menus
  • TV Mode (no Menu, thin window border)
  • fullscreen with comfortable OnScreen Menu
  • deinterlacing (removes artifacts of moving objects)

Satellite TV 3D

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  • watching TV in fullscreen mode
  • 3 dimensional cinema-like environment
  • fast updated channel preview

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  • simultaneously watching TV and teletext
  • smooth navigation between channels and teletext

Teletext Browser

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  • supports teletext level 1.5
  • TOP Text with treeview
  • alpha-blending for antialiased rendering
  • teletext history
  • direct access to pages and subpages
  • all pages and subpages are cached

Electronic Programme Guide Browser

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  • clear presentation of all available programmes
  • flexible access to the EPG database


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  • installs the driver in the system
  • creates shortcuts in startmenu and/or desktop